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History And Philosophy Of Class Act Reporting, LLC
On behalf of the partners and staff of Class Act Reporting, we wish to welcome you to our site and thank you for visiting today.

Partners, Rose Tamburri and Brittany Burrows, have a passion for the legal field, more specifically court reporting and combined their expertise to found Class Act Reporting, LLC.

Rose holds a title for the Fastest and Most Accurate Court Reporter in the country and is currently seeking Diplomat Status.

Their 40 years combined expertise has created an invaluable team. Experience makes them uniquely qualified to assemble a staff of the best and the brightest talent the area has to offer. They are a Certified Woman-Owned and operated business that have worked from the ground up to deliver clients the speed, accuracy and over-the-top performance every lawyer, paralegal and secretary needs and deserves.

Anticipation of your needs is part of the package; the ability to conform to the quick changes and need for flexibility is probably what most clients will say makes Class Act "A Class Above the Rest."

"We see ourselves as an extension of our attorneys' support staff, not an independent entity for part-time use. The better we know our clients, the better we may serve them. We employ a system of continuity within cases assigning reporters to specific legal teams according to the nature of the case and our attorneys' preference whenever possible."

We welcome you to the Class Act Reporting, LLC family and look forward to a productive and impressive long-term relationship.

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